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“Margaret is truly the embodiment of a HERO”. 


A long time community member and former Carus School employee now volunteers at 91 School. Her work and dedication are stated by those who work alongside her as "unmatched".  Margaret is a wonderful company at 91 having two granddaughters and Traci, her daughter, whom teaches at the school. Each week Margaret volunteers three full days of her time to the school.


Up for any task, she is a whirlwind of productivity. The students love working with “My Margaret” on their reading, writing, or math. The students recognize and appreciate the time spent one-on-one being it is evident she cares and wants them to succeed. Margaret often donates supplies and books – when she sees a need, she's right there to take care of it.


Margaret continues to selflessly give of her time and greets each student and staff member with a smile and helps wherever there is a need!


“She is a pillar in our school and a true community volunteer!”