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Grant applications may be submitted online - via the CEF website


Applicants may be asked to attend a CEF meeting to explain their application and answer inquiries from the Board. Grant recipients will be asked to share their grant outcomes with the Board or a CEF event in accordance to CEF's publicity plan (comments, student feedback, photos, etc.) within one month of grant completion.



Grant approval and the funding amount is at the discretion of the CEF Board of Directors and is subject to availability of funds, granting guidelines and CEF priorities. Successful grant projects and the amount of funding approved will be received through your school bookkeeper and the CSD Finance Office Accounting Manager, where the forms for payment will be received and processed. CEF will reimburse the District once requirements are met.




Before Submitting Grant Request:

  • Please check for similar or underused and available technologies that may be in the District

  • Provide a retrospective review of accomplishments and benefits for the student population served, photos if applicable, final budget, as well as related expenditures and receipts as required

  • Present the outcomes of past awarded grants with the Board of Directors other functions


Releasing Images of Students:

  • Grant submissions authorize CEF to use photos, student work and other materials on our website and/or other publicity

  • Please confirm photo uses of students are pre-approved


Priority Consideration Which:

  • Enhance everyday learning without replacing the current curriculum

  • Benefit a significant number of students

  • Leverage community resources


Grant Funding Will Not Support:

  • Activities that benefit a single applicant

  • Payment for teaching/substitute teaching

  • Projects and activities that are already in progress or have been completed

  • Furniture, tablets, after-school athletics or team sports

  • Transportation

  • Fees for teachers or chaperones

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