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Our mission is to enhance and enrich education opportunities for all students of the Canby School District through financial assistance and community involvement.


The Canby Educational Foundation was founded in January 1997 and organized as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation for funds to be used exclusively for charitable purposes.



Since its inception, CEF has been able to help support the Canby School District with over $1,000,000 generated through private donations, endowments, and fundraising efforts.


The funds raised by the community and sponsors help facilitate and fill financial gaps between district budgets, classroom fundraising and other grants. Such activities involve art, language development, reading materials, math and science technology, special speakers and educational field trips coinciding with classroom learning. 

CEF is particularly proud of its contribution of approximately $60,000 to the sound amplification system, which is in every grade school and middle school classroom. This program benefits not only the hearing disabled, but all students within the classroom. As a result there was a measured increase in academic achievement and communications.


Educational grants are limited by the earnings from the perpetual endowment, donations and fundraising. There are certainly more needs than available funds. Please consider giving to the Canby Educational Foundation. Together we can make a difference to the education of the Canby students.

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